Social Responsibility

In line with the dispositions of the current Gambling Regulatory Authority Act which provide for the totality of CSR funds to be remitted to the GRA, ASL has contributed an amount of Rs 4.0 million in 2017 for the setting up of a national responsible gambling program. The program, which is still in process of development, will set the base for responsible gambling and will give professional support to compulsive gamblers.

ASL is in favour of this Government initiative as gambling must be perceived as a leisure and will actively provide its support to the GRA for the setting up of the program. ASL has requested to be actively involved in the implementation of the program.

In 2016 we were proud to support...

Presentation of cheque to PILS
Presentation to PILS (2015)
Presentation of cheque to Caritas
Presentation to Caritas (2015)

In addition, the NGO “Mouvement pour le progrès de Roche Bois” which provides a special program for school drop-outs, home economics program for housewives and single mothers received a cheque of Rs 20,000. The NGO helps fighting social pleas such as drug and alcohol consumption and prostitution in the area of Roche Bois.