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About ASL

The Company has celebrated, in December 2022, the 31st anniversary of the introduction of the Tote system in Mauritius (1991).

This factually transparent and auditable betting system has gained international recognition and is operated in all major racing jurisdictions such as the United States, France, Hong Kong, Australia, Singapore and South Africa, to name a few.

The two salient features of the Tote system are that:

  • All bets are pooled with the final payout calculated by the software at the closure of bets, leaving no space for questionable declarations whether to the Horse Racing Organiser or to the Government.
  • All punters having a similar winning combination receive the same dividend irrespective of the time at which the bet is placed. Automatic Systems Ltd only perceives a fixed commission, independent of the horse coming first, and the remaining funds are divided and paid out to the winners.

The introduction of the Win and Place and Exotic bets has given punters the possibility of choosing among different types of bets, starting with the Swinger which is the easiest and up to the Pick 8 which is the most difficult but obviously offering much more interesting dividends.

The Company, which was the pioneer in telephone betting, launched the Teletote in 1994.

In 2022, there were more than 40,000 account holders who could bet by telephone or by SMS.

In 2004, Off Course betting was authorized by the regulatory authorities - not as a measure to encourage betting but to move away from the existing illegal betting platforms - and to date, the Company is operating 24 outlets, spread across the Island.
ASL was also the first company to offer SMS betting on the Tote in 2008 and a new Application was launched in 2017 to facilitate betting by SMS.

The Board of Directors and Management of the Company are conscious of the challenging environment in which the horse racing industry is operating and constantly strive to innovate and implement new measures to sustain operations and increase revenue.

As an illustration of this innovation and sustainability mindset and as a measure of diversification, the Company started offering Fixed Odds betting on international football matches in 2008 and incorporated Megawin Ltd in 2014 for prospecting the betting market in Africa.