Business Activities
Horse racing and Football betting operations in Mauritius.

Horse Racing - Football Betting - Automatic Systems Ltd

The Company was incorporated in 1991 for the purpose of operating the Tote System, a betting platform that is transparent, reliable and auditable.

The Tote is a pool betting system where all the stakes money placed on a particular type of bet on a particular race gets pooled together and is then divided out to the winners after deductions are made. The final payout is calculated by a software at the closure of bets, leaving no room for dispute or controversial claims against the Company, the Horse Racing Organiser or the Government.

All punters having a similar winning combination receive the same amount of dividend, irrespective of the time at which the bet is placed. The Company receives a fixed commission, irrespective of which horse comes first. This system is operated in all major racing jurisdictions such as the United States, France, Hong Kong, Australia and South Africa and has an international recognition.


In 2008, the Company started to organise fixed-odds betting on foreign football matches under the brand Superscore, in accordance with the provisions of the Gambling Regulatory Authority (GRA) Act 2007.

The Company constantly strives to innovate and offers very competitive odds along with a variety of appealing bets. In that context, the Company changed its betting software in July 2018. The football betting software offers more possibilities such as online booking of bets.

Customers can book their bets on https:// where they receive a code which is then tendered to the teller in any Superscore outlet for the bet to be placed and validated. These innovations have contributed to maintain the Company’s market share in a very competitive environment.

Development in African Continent
Megawin Ltd

Megawin Ltd (‘Megawin’), involved in sports betting in Africa, more particularly in Ivory Coast through Mohio Gaming, reached its eighth year of operation in 2022.

The Company incorporated Megawin Ltd in 2014, for its operations in Africa and is involved in sports betting through Mohio Gaming. The first countries of operation were Kenya and Nigeria. Operations are presently being held in Ivory Coast only. Megawin Ltd (‘Megawin’) has a contract with LONACI the National Lottery of Ivory Coast to offer virtual dog racing through its retail network and is continuously on the watch for new opportunities in Africa.

2023 Turnovers figures
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